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Project management parables!

18th Aug 2013Business, Project Management

Here are some project management parables, what do you think? A problem shared is a buck passed. A little risk management saves a […]

Project Management – Ever wondered what went wrong?

6th Jun 2013Business, Personal Development, Project Management

Ever wonder why your project was not successful? This video is an exert from the movie “Pentagon Wars” released in 1998… This is […]

Jack Welch – The 3 Hiring Mistakes to avoid

5th Jun 2013Business, Personal Development

More insight from the CEO of the century! If only more senior managers understood the importance of the right people for the right […]

Lazy people and their skills at looking busy; the signs

24th May 2013Business, Personal Development

I am sure I have worked with people trained by George Costanza from Seinfeld; here are the signs managers need to look out […]

The 4 magic phrases to respond and buy time to answer any question…

15th May 2013Business, Personal Development

As they say you learn something new every day. Well today was one of those days… I learned the 4 magic phrases to […]

ClearContext – Take Control of your Outlook Inbox

2nd Apr 2013Business

I thought I was organised when it comes to my inbox, however when you look at the time it takes you to organise […]

Five leadership questions with CEO of the century Jack Welch

31st Mar 2013Business, Personal Development

Ever wondered why Jack Welch was so successful? Here is why…

Bad at Their Jobs, and Loving It!

30th Mar 2013Business, Personal Development

The article below came to me through linkedin and it is the truest thing I have read for some time… When the Worst […]

You’re an Entrepreneur – Never give up!

9th Feb 2013Business, Personal Development

When you’re an entrepreneur there are sure to be times when you’re down and want to give up; that’s when this little gem […]

It’s fine to get an MBA but don’t be an MBA | LinkedIn

5th Feb 2013Business, Personal Development

This came to me in Linkin today, and I thought that was a useless feature! It's fine to get an MBA but don't […]